Control your own emotions, then control your own destiny

New Series in Chinese & English

Dear friend ~

I am delighted to be releasing the brand new Emotional Mastery card deck.

This is a companion guide to the original Go.Do.Be.Live! set, crowd-funded by 1829 backers!

Annie Ivanova

Emotions are powerful

They can stir you in the right direction or cause a major detour. If left unresolved, emotional memories and traumas lead to health problems.

Ask yourself today:

Emotional Mastery will guide you to understand yourself.

The Emotional Mastery cards will guide you to understand yourself better and find the right approach. You will learn how to develop emotional resilience.

According to science what makes us flourish are three factors: ‘happy genes’, social connection, and most importantly, resilience.

Emotionally resilient people take responsibility for how they feel. They don’t expect others to make them happy: ‘happiness is an inside job’.

Use the Emotional Mastery to expand your awareness.

Use the Emotional Mastery card deck to expand your awareness of your emotional world, release past trauma and become stronger.

When you are in a dark place positive thinking will not help. You need to work your way out of it.

How you respond is a choice.

Learn to recognise a broad spectrum of emotions, what triggers them, and what to do.  How you respond is a choice. That’s the secret!

The cards are numbered 1 to 52 in descending order. To improve your emotional life, learn how to shift your awareness from what feels heavy and dark towards what feels light and joyous.

The cards are organized on a light spectrum color scheme—with hand-painted illustrations for associative guidance.

Emotions that pull you further away from your true nature are in red, transitioning to orange and yellow.

As you resolve these lower emotions, you naturally begin to experience a state of neutrality and balance, which is in the green-blue range.

Each card has examples of responses that can be applied in actual life situations.

The goal is to release the burdens of the lower emotion and return to your natural state of freedom and contentment.

Emotional Mastery is a life-long practice.


I started working on the project in May 2020. I shared updates with my team and the Go.Do.Be.Live! Community . The cards were tested and perfected by the users.

My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who participated.

The teachings are based on 25 years of personal learning and evolution, guided by Maslow, Schutz, Hawkins, and Goleman, alongside lifelong meditation practice.